Ana Johnsson - Coz I Can

作者:阿兹猫 阅读(3302)

I could be anything
You want me to be
Cook you nice dinners
And then gently rub your feet
I could be the perfect wife and be your slave for life
But I won't, no I won't
I could be the sweetest thing
You think you've ever seen
Dress up in skimpy clothes
All to fulfil your dreams
I could do anything to show how much you mean
I'll be the fly in your soup
The one that's always in your face
Try to wave me away
I'll be right back on your case
I'm the stain on your suit
Yeah, that one you can't replace
Just because I can
I'll be the itch on your back
On a spot that you can't reach
I'm the reason you crack
Yeah, I'm like a bad disease
I could be the mistress
Who says she doesn't care
And I'll keep on smiling
When you're treating me like air
I could be your best friend
The one who's always there
I'll be a fly in your soup
I'm gonna be the thing in your head
Keepin' you awake, but not in your bed
Every time you feel you're losing control
Remember I'm the one that dug you that hole
I can be the things you want
But I won't
I can